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Snowmobile ride and MEAL IN CHALET

Date: 09 marzo 2024
Duration: 1 Day
Cod: Gita in motoslitta

CONFIRMED  confirmed!

93,00 euro


In the early morning there is the departure from places and meeting points moving in the direction of Bassano -Trento -Longarone. Short stop along the way and we will arrive around 11:00 to Lake Antorno Misurina, from where our excursion will start and where to welcome us there will be experienced guides who will guide them safely snowmobiles , taking us along a fantastic journey of 7 km immersed in nature through forests and snow-covered meadows , in a unique environment for its beauty . Along the way you can admire the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomiti. Around you will see Cadini Misurina, and just in the more ' , Monte Cristallo , Sorapis , Monte Piana. We will take up to Rifugio Auronzo where you seem to reach out and touch the Tre Cime di Lavaredo . From here you will find the landscape that will leave you breathless your look will range over a large part of the Dolomites. You will see the Val D' Ansiei with Auronzo di Cadore , Misurina with its frozen lake and  still Cristallo , Pelmo , Croda Rossa, Cadini , Marmarole .

Once you arrive at the shelter Auronzo you can decide whether to enter those snowmobiles , or, and we recommend it, go down along a 5 km ski run , with the sled that will be given to disposal. The sledding down to the valley is really fun suitable for all ages ,young and old. Then you will reach the Chalet on the Lake where you can enjoy an excellent lunch caterer. After lunch , free time for relaxation and individual walks . For those who want it will be possible to drive the snowmobile on circuit individually or skating on the frozen lake . Departure in the late afternoon for the return trip with a stop along the way and arriving in the evening at your destination.

LAKE MISURINA: The Misurinasee is the largest natural lake of Cadore and it is 1754 m above sea level Misurina, fraction of Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno). The perimeter is 2.6 km while the depth is 5 meters.The special climatic characteristics of the area around the lake make the air particularly suitable for those suffering from respiratory diseases. In fact, in the vicinity of the lake is the only center in Italy for the treatment of childhood asthma. To the east of the lake there are some lifts, and the chain of Cadini Misurina (Dolomiti di Sesto), is crossed by the trail equipped Alberto Bonacossa. To the north of the lake, taking the road that leads to the Three Peaks, is located on Lake Antorno. To the south lies the Group Sorapiss (Ampezzo Dolomites) .In the vicinity of the lake are a dozen hotels with a capacity of about 500 beds. In addition to hotels, the large building that appears looking at the lake from north to south, is a nursing home. Most winters the lake freezes completely, thus becoming practicable in all its extension. In winter there are held polo matches riding on the frozen surface. At the lake passes the Alta Via n. 3, which starts from Villabassa reach Longarone.

TRE CIME DI LAVAREDO: The Three Peaks are three of the most famous peaks of the Alps, the Dolomites of Sesto. Are considered among the best-known natural wonders in the world of mountaineering. You can reach Lake Misurina, from Auronzo and Val di Sesto and allow the panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and the Tre Cime National Park. The Three Peaks vaguely resemble three fingers pointing skyward compact, harmonically aligned, appreciated by connoisseurs for shapes and colors. The north wall is located entirely within the territory of jurisdiction of the municipality of Dobbiaco, although the Three Peaks have been from time immemorial in the municipality of Auronzo in the province of Belluno, in fact only from 1752, the border runs right over the tops, and 3/4 of the massif remained in the municipality of Auronzo and therefore Venetian.

Sights: The sights most popular are those that can be obtained from the Val di Landro, at the old town (now in its place is a hotel) where you have a side profile of the Three Peaks, or from the Auronzo Hut or even from Rifugio Antonio Locatelli. But perhaps the best view of the Three Peaks is from the Monte Piana Misurina and from the top of some peaks, which rise in its vicinity, such as the Tower of Toblin or Monte Paterno.

NEW DATE: March 1, 2015

Details trip

Meeting points
1 . Hours: 5:45 - VALDAGNO - FTV Station (Front Agency DUEMORI TRAVEL )
2 . Hours: 6:10 - SCHIO - Piazzale Acqui Division
3 . Hours: 6:20 - Marano Vicentino - MARANO VIC.NO LIDL roundabout
4 . Hours : 06:30 - Thiene - Parking Railway Station ( Train )

The fee includes
- Travel by luxury coach ;
- Guide for the entire duration of the journey;
- Snowmobile trip and assistance of experienced guides ;
- Lunch at the Chalet , with drinks and coffee included ;
- Medical health insurance .

The fee does not include
- Possible rental snowmobile ride on circuit alone and renting ice skates ;
- Any inputs , the personal extras and anything not expressly mentioned in " The fee includes".


Identity Card valid .

Additional notes

The share has been calculated on the basis of a group of at least 30 people.

Meeting point

1. at 05:10 - MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE - Casello A4 di "Alte" - PARK fronte Lato Ingresso
2. at 05:50 - CASTELGOMBERTO - Stazione Ftv, lungo SS
3. at 05:40 - CORNEDO VICENTINO - Fermata FTV
4. at 05:50 - VALDAGNO - Stazione FTV
6. at 06:15 - SCHIO - Fermata FTV, fianco stazione treni
7. at 06:25 - MARANO VICENTINO - MARANO VIC.NO, dopo rotatoria Prix, Viale Europa
8. at 06:30 - THIENE - Park Stazione Treni
9. at 07:10 - POVE DEL GRAPPA - Birreria "Trenti"

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