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Date: From 28 aprile To 01 maggio 2024
Duration: 4 Days - 3 Nights
Cod: viaggio memoria

CONFIRMED  confirmed!

480,00 euro

registration fee adult: 20,00 €
registration fee child: 20,00 €



Day 1: Dachau
Early morning departure from places and meeting points provided along the Brenner motorway. Stop along the route. Arriving in Monaco, the capital of Bavaria. Short walk into the old town where we will admire: the Karlplatz, the Frauen Kirche, the National Theater and the Marienplatz. Lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon continue by bus to the nearby Dachau. Visit the first concentration camp built on the site of an old disused factory and completed March 21, 1933. Along with the extermination camp at Auschwitz, Dachau is in the collective imagination, the symbol of the Nazi concentration camps, prototype and model for the other fields that were later built across Europe. After continuing to Braumau, the birthplace of the Fuhrer, a place where .. "ALL HAD START" .. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Mauthausen
After breakfast at the hotel, departure to Mauthausen, Austria. Visit to the concentration camp as other fields, Mauthausen was used as an extermination camp to be implemented through forced labor and denutrimento for intellectuals, people and members of different social classes of the countries that Nazi Germany occupied during the Second World War. Lunch in a restaurant on the Danube. Starting in the early afternoon to Brno in the Czech Republic. Arriving late evening, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Auschwitz - Birkenau
After breakfast at the hotel, we will reach Poland and Oswecim, current name of Auschwitz, a day almost entirely devoted to the visit of the two fields. The complex of Auschwitz concentration camp played a key role in the projects of the "final solution of the Jewish question" - euphemism with which the Nazis pointed to the extermination of the Jewish people (although in the field were killed also many other categories of inmates) - rapidly becoming the largest and most efficient extermination center. Today all that remains of that place is the heritage of humanity. Lunch in the nearby area. In the afternoon departure for Olomovo (Olmuta), the historical city of Moravia. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Return
After breakfast, via Brno, Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Tarvisio in Italy back to the departure points with lunch along the way. Late arrival at the destination.

A concentration camp is a concentration camp whose sole or main purpose is to kill the prisoners who go there. These centers of annihilation were created by Nazi Germany during World War II to activate the so-called final solution of the Jewish problem, which was the killing of all the Jews in Europe, including in the sphere of political-military influence in the Third Reich.Creati on the basis of a complex and efficient program organization, the Nazi death camps caused the death of about three million Jews, and constitute the only case in the history of detention facility specially designed according to technical and scientific planning of industrial, to destroy a 'entire population on the basis of racial and ideological conceptions. The activity of annihilation of the extermination camps represented the culmination of the Holocaust and more tragic. Use of the term "death camp" to describe different realities from the centers of the Nazi extermination of the "final solution", it is a matter of debate and is widespread in historiography. The six killing centers, according to the nomenclature adopted by the historian Raul Hilberg. Raul Hilberg, Holocaust historian of United States nationality and origin jew Austrian-called "extermination centers", six camps built and operated in secrecy by Nazi Germany during World War II in which peaked organizational and technical process of destruction of the Jews of Europe, pursued systematically by hierarchies and by the military, police, and bureaucratic-administrative Third Reich. In about three years, since December 1941, these six extermination camps were deported and killed about three million Jews with a complex technical process and organizational carefully planned by a large group of "specialists of death." According to Hilberg, the mechanism of destruction, from highly complex organizational and technical, worked quickly and efficiently achieving its objectives macabre with procedures similar to those of a modern factory. In this sense Hilberg defines the centers of the Nazi death an unprecedented phenomenon, the one in which they were studied and activate procedures for the "death chain" of millions of men, women, children and old

Meeting points:
1. Hours: 05:00 - THIENE - Parking Railway Station (Train)
2. Hours: 05:20 - SCHIO - Piazzale Acqui Division
3. Hours: 05:50 - VALDAGNO - FTV Station (Front Agency DUEMORI TRIPS)
4. Hours: 05:55 - VALDAGNO - Bridge of Nori, stop FTV
5. Hours: 06:10 - TRISSINO - TRISSINO Long - Old State Road Station
6. Hours: 06:25 - MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE - Gate A4 High - Side Entrance

The price includes:
-Transfer by coach
-Escort - guide for the entire stay
-Accommodation in 3/4 star
-Full board from lunch on the first day to breakfast on the last.
-Inputs (in free field)
- Projection-historical films in Italian

The fee does not include:
- Drinks, lunch on the last day, additional inputs, the personal extras and anything not specifically mentioned in "The fee includes".

- Registration Fee and Insurance Euro 15.00 per person
- Accommodation in single room Euro 26,00 per night (subject to availability)


Identity card valid.

Additional notes:

The share has been calculated on the basis of a group of at least 30 people.

Meeting point

1. at 05:00 - THIENE - Park Stazione Treni
2. at 05:20 - SCHIO - Park Divisione Acqui
3. at 05:50 - VALDAGNO - Stazione FTV
4. at 05:55 - VALDAGNO - Ponte dei Nori, fermata FTV
5. at 06:10 - TRISSINO - Strada Statale Stazione Vecchia
6. at 06:25 - MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE - Casello A4 di "Alte" - PARK fronte Lato Ingresso

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