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Date: 29 november 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Cod: Caporetto

72.00 euro


Early morning departure from the places and meeting planned along the highway in the direction of Padua, Venice and Udine. Check in Cividale del Friuli , the largest Lombard Duchy of Northeast Italy. Meeting with the guide and visit the Cathedral , the National Archaeological Museum , the Lombard Temple and Devil's Bridge. Continue to the Italo -Slovenian border . Check in Kobarid where 24 October 1917 moved the Austrian offensive that swept the Italian front : arrival and entrance to the grandiose monument - ossuary , the shrine which houses remains of the Fallen 7014 Soca . Lunch in a restaurant during the excursion . Continue on to the Valle d' Isonzo . Short stop in Tolmin , small resort town that until the last war was part of the province of Gorizia. Continue to Nova Gorica ( town allocated by the peace treaty with Yugoslavia ) and arriving in Gorizia . Visit the Castle and the Museum of the Great War . Departure for the return trip , with stops along the way and arriving in the evening at your destination.

After nearly a century since its inception, the First World War still occupies a very important place in the collective memory of the people . Each year, historians and fans of the sector conduct research , insights and studies on that period , between 1914 and 1918 , which has radically changed the course of modern history.
One of the reasons why this event is still so addictive and exciting is the presence in the territories where it has been fought and lived, countless tracks and monuments related to it. The military needs of the time, in fact , led to a profound transformation of the landscape and that, despite the catastrophic events of the Second World War , has survived to the present day . These numerous accounts , often situated in beautiful natural settings , are now the important signs of memory able to teach and excite . Inside the fortifications can be seen with their own eyes and touch with his own hands those places where millions of men fought and where they were written many pages of our history. A unique experience of its kind that does not leave you indifferent .

From these bases was born on interregional project "Routes of the Great War - A Journey in history" and that involves the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia (project leader ) , Veneto, Lombardy and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano. Its objective is the tourist enhancement of this unique historical and cultural heritage in order to make it accessible to all fans and anyone who wants to know an important part of the past not only Italian but European .

The portal " Routes of the Great War " has been developed within the homonymous project with the goal of providing a useful and interesting for all those who wish to discover the places, routes, and a little ' History of the First World War in the areas involved .

Meeting point

1. at 05:00 - THIENE - Park Stazione Treni
2. at 05:20 - SCHIO - Piazzale Divisione Acqui
3. at 05:50 - VALDAGNO - Stazione FTV
4. at 05:55 - VALDAGNO - Ponte dei Nori, fermata FTV
5. at 06:00 - CORNEDO VICENTINO - Fermata FTV
7. at 06:15 - MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE - Casello A4 di "Alte" - Lato Ingresso
8. at 08:45 - NOVENTA DI PIAVE - Casello A4 - Lato Uscita Autostrada

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