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Christmas Markets: BOLZANO AND THUN

Date: 05 december 2020
Duration: 1 Day

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Meeting places and times established, accommodation and departure by coach for Trento to Bolzano. Stops along the course and arrival in the capital of South Tyrol, located at the confluence of the valleys of the Adige Eisack and has always been a meeting place of different cultures and traditions. Visit the famous ceramics factory in Thun for lunch. Whole afternoon spent visiting the city 'and the Christmas market where you can see the stalls of local produce Christmas. Among the most 'interesting cities in particular, there are the Cathedral, the beautiful Via dei Portici the way of shopping, the Church of the Dominicans with the adjoining cloister with frescoes by Giotto school, Piazza delle Erbe, the picturesque market of fruits and vegetables. Departure in the late afternoon for the return journey and arrival in the evening at your destination.

The historic center of Bolzano is practically in the hands of the tourist trade: setting to one are restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, followed by hotels and guest houses, so the retail - the best boutiques with the most prestigious brands are there. Feature of the center is the famous "tunnels", true pedestrian highways with three lanes - two side under the arches and a central short - that run parallel to each other by turning virtually around 2:00 to 3:00's main squares: Piazza Municipio, Piazza Walther and Piazza Erbe. Particular: the streets that intersect this triangle all assume the name from the ancient crafts that were performed here, the same houses (all with Austrian-style features hexagonal balconies at the corners), today almost all renovated and University offices, banks, insurance , prestigious boutiques, etc., were originally "house, warehouse and workshop" artisan.
Another curious detail, the communication system between the galleries and the main streets: it is steps "condominium" (in the sense that its revenue in the building!) Arranged perpendicularly between the two roads left open during the day by condominiums to allow its use to the public, only to be closed in the evening.
Caution: Shopping hours are very special to 18.30 for some activities, maximum to 19.00 for other you risk find everything closed (except, of course, restaurants, bars and pubs!) On Saturday afternoon, closed.
On the other hand, you can shop on Saturday morning at the market in Piazza Erbe, colorful and very distinctive, the first thing you notice is the huge variety of bread that is produced in the area. There's something for all tastes. In the area there are several things that you can visit: firstly, a nice walk in the park, full of sports equipment, games for children and headquarters of the main events take place outdoors. As urban piazza Walther and City Hall Square, with all major historical buildings around it, overlooking Piazza Walther in particular the cathedral, in a strange Gothic-Roman very special. Of course, architecturally nothing to do with the Gothic cathedral of Tromso, very impressive and second only to the cathedral in Paris, but that majolica typical of the Austrian Empire, it's really very nice. Not far from the cathedral is the church of the Dominicans, dating back to 1200 in its oldest part. It 's very curious sight inside, seem three churches in one, that surely the most beautiful part is the ancient burial vault, with beautiful frescoes on the walls and on the ceiling, in Romanesque style, is almost at odds with the Baroque and Rococo other parties. Behind the square herbs instead, approximately 15 minutes' walk from Piazza Walther, is the church of the Franciscans, in typical Romanesque plant, which is to be appreciated - as always in structures qust'ordine, the beautiful cloister that is next, with frescoes on the walls on one side, and on huge wooden pallets on the other. It 'a breathtaking panorama. All around Bolzano is full of castles and fortresses to reach one of these there is even a free minibus service which starts from Piazza Walther.
Not timed, leaving every time you fill and takes approximately 20 minutes away.

Peter Thun, president of the manufacturer of gift items and objects in Peter Thun, president of the manufacturer of ceramic crafts and gifts, was born in 1955 in Bolzano, where his parents - the accounts Otmar and Lene Thun five years earlier had opened the first pottery workshop in the basement of their castle Klebenstein. Peter Thun, at the age of 23, joined the company and assume its management. In twenty years brings a small artisan company to become one of the largest holding at the international level, which in 2009 had a turnover of 200 million euro. Today the brand Thun is on the shelves of at least 1,800 points of sale in five European countries, and the company can count on 260 single-brand stores and more than 3800 employees. The history of Thun, it begins beyond the borders of Italy, in neighboring Austria, and Peter Thun tells it as a story of family. The interview is edited by Anna Marino.

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Meeting point

1. at 05:40 - THIENE - Park Stazione Treni
2. at 06:00 - SCHIO - Piazzale Divisione Acqui
3. at 06:30 - VALDAGNO - Stazione FTV
4. at 06:40 - CORNEDO VICENTINO - Fermata FTV
5. at 06:45 - CASTELGOMBERTO - Di fronte Ristorante Palazzetto
6. at 06:50 - MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE - SS, Stazione San Vitale
7. at 07:00 - MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE - Casello A4 di "Alte" - Lato Ingresso

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